Is your boiler energy efficient?

What can having an efficient boiler do for you?

Now that summer is finally on its way and it is nearly time to turn your heating off and your barbeque on, you might want to start thinking about replacing that old, faulty boiler for a shiny new one. However, how do you know which is the best boiler for you or how can you make your existing boiler a little more energy efficient?


Bills, bills, bills

Believe it or not, your boiler accounts for around 55% of your annual energy bills. If you think about it, your boiler doesn’t just heat the radiators from time to time, it supplies hot water for washing up, washing dirty faces, powering your shower and running that hot soak in the bath at the end of the day.

It is estimated that by replacing an old boiler with a more energy efficient boiler you could save up to £340 a year and can even help to lower your footprint by lowering your carbon dioxide emissions.


How do you know what to look for?

One easy sign to look out for is if your current boiler does not have heating controls; heating controls such as a programmer and room thermostat allow all sorts of changes to be made to the heating system.

These adjustments can include:

  • Just heating the mains water,
  • Just heating the radiators,
  • Turning on and off at certain times of day,
  • Turning off when the house reaches a certain temperature.

Even if you aren’t quite ready to part with your old boiler, it is possible to have an old boiler fitted with a programmer and a room thermostat.

Opting for a newer condensing boiler will also help with your energy efficiency as they have a bigger heat exchange, which recovers more heat and sends cooler gas up the flue, rather than releasing hotter air up the flue like older boilers tend to do.


When Installing a Boiler

If you are interested in installing a new boiler, there are three main points to consider when deciding which type of boiler would be most efficient for your home:

  1. How much space do you have? Combi boilers use less space, for example.
  2. How much hot water do you use? Smaller households use less how water so again a Combi would suit better.
  3. Do you want a solar water heater? Combi boilers tend not to be solar compatible, so are less effective.


The Benefits of Pawning

For many, many years pawn shops have been offering quick cash loans across the globe – providing cash lump sums in exchange for jewellery and other valuables which can then be re-obtained once loans have been paid off. The majority of pawn shops accept any items that they can resell should loans not be repaid, for example you can pawn shop a Rolex, jewellery, musical instruments, diamonds, gold and more.

Pawning offers multiple advantages including the following:

pawn shop a Rolex

  1. Pawns shops allow for people to get their hands on much needed funds quickly and easily whereas other loan solutions can take much longer periods of time. Convenient and fast, when pawning items, you will more likely that not be able to get money within minutes.
  2. Unlike other loans, when pawning, credit checks and other pre-requisites are not needed. This is incredibly advantageous for those without jobs and those who are self-employed.
  3. When pawning your goods you do not lose ownership over them and you can redeem your items as long as you pay your loan back along with any interest occurred.
  4. When pawning, you will be able to extend your loan period should you wish to.

Do you need money quickly?

No matter what your reasons may be, pawning could be your greatest option. One company whom offer superior pawning deals and services is Hatton Jewellers. This London based company have been in business since 1974 and are highly recommended by many. For further information you can visit their website: Should you want to contact their team with any questions that you may have, you can also call them on 0207 537 2270, we are sure that their highly knowledgeable and vastly experienced team will be delighted to assist you.

Cool Down Your Conservatory with Glass Manifestation Today

Is your conservatory too hot? Do you find it unbearable to sit and relax during the summer months? If you answered yes – There is a solution that you’re going to love – solar control window film. Not only does this product allow for conservatories to stay cooler, but it also reduces glare – making for a much more pleasant conservatory experience. Solar Control Window Film can even be used as an alternative to blinds and it can also provide privacy and security. Reducing the amount of heat in which comes through your conservatory windows, the films allow you to enjoy your conservatory as much as possible without feeling too hot. Window Film will reduce glare by up to 90% making reading, working and television viewing more comfortable without having to wear sunglasses. A company that currently offers a wide and leading range of these films is Lustalux Ltd. Window film can also be used to render glass anti-shatter and for decorative purposes.

Sensible Packing Tips

If you are moving house, do not worry.

Perhaps people keep telling you what a stressful experience it is going to be, and how tired it is going to make you –but what if we told you, that it doesn’t have to be this way! If you plant and execute your house move efficiently, it can actually be a pleasant and enjoyable time… From hiring a removals team, to ensure that your children and pets are out of the way on the big day, there’s so many tips available to those looking to move, but today we are going to offer you some sensible packing tips:

boxes for moving house

  • Start packing as early as you can as this is something that often takes a lot longer that people originally think
  • Start from the top of your house and work your way down. If you have an attic, of loft space –this is a great place to start
  • When packing heavy items, do so in smaller moving boxes as otherwise they may be too heavy to carry comfortably
  • Use separate moving boxes for each room, clearly labelling them so that you can take them straight to the correct rooms upon arrival at your new house
  • If you are packing any fragile items make sur that they are wrapped in plenty of bubble wrap and that the boxes that they’re in are marked fragile so movers know to take extra care
  • Have a dedicated box for all of your important documents and paperwork as it is important to keep these together at all times to avoid losing things

Could shipping containers be the farms of the future?

Every single year millions of tonnes worth of goods are shipped around the world in shipping containers, and currently after this, many of the containers are left empty not to be used again. An imperial design engineering student however has recently come up with a plan to combat this this wasteful issue, creating an innovative hydroponic farming system to utilise the containers further.

shipping containers for sale

‘Growframe’ is the system that the student is developing and the plan is to allow for shipping containers to grow crops hydroponically on their return journeys, where usually they would be empty. It is anticipated that when complete the containers will each be able to produce around $2,000 worth of crops using the collapsible hydroponics farm. The collapsible systems reduce to just 1/10ths of their original size, making it possible for them to fit in the containers on their journeys to other countries, whilst carrying other goods.

This isn’t the only innovative use of shipping containers either, in many countries across the world people are opting to use shipping containers for numerous things such as guest houses, offices and much more. When it comes to shipping containers, the options are actually endless, so it is a shame to see them go to waste, and it is great to see people coming up with such great uses for them.

If you are currently looking for shipping containers for sale or container hire, no matter what your reasons may be, one leading company that could assist you is Containental. Containental offer a wide range of both new and used shipping containers, available in an array of sizes and styles. To see these for yourself, and to discover further information about the company you can visit their website:

Exclusive Distributors of Laboratory Instruments

Mindex Ltd, exclusive distributors of laboratory equipment for a wide range of leading brands such as Stanhope Seta, Seta Analytics, Ofite, Oxford Instruments, Core Lab, Zeltex and more have really made a name for themselves within the industry since first establishing in 1984. With the primary focus of exporting scientific products and laboratory instruments to Africa, Nigeria the Middle East, the company are representatives of high technology scientific manufacturers in Africa and the UK also.

Stanhope Seta

Holding over thirty years’ experience, they have built themselves up to provide the utmost highest levels of services including customer services and pride themselves on their great reputation. The company offers a range of things that make them stand out including but limited to full installation, onsite training, technical courses and seminars to cover a whole variety of industries including the oil, food and educational industries.

If you would like further information regarding what this company does and to find out how they could assist you, you can visit their website here today: In addition to this if you have any questions that you would  like answering, you can call their highly knowledge and friendly team on 01293 408123.

The Best Packaging Solution

For three main reasons, shrink wrapping is becoming the number one choice for packaging in a number of industries. If you for any reason are unsure whether it is the correct choice for your company, why not consider:


  1. Cost-effectiveness – Compared to other available packaging solutions, shrink wrapping is incredibly affordable. This is because, machines such as automatic l sealers are available for purchase, so going forward companies only have to pay for shrink wrap film.
  2. Immaculate protection – Shrink wrapping is good because it can be used on products of all shapes and sizes. Film is wrapped tightly around items to protect them against moisture, dirt and much, much more. As this packaging is tight, it can also hold components together and reduce the risk of damage being caused whilst in transport.
  3. Leading durability – Shrink wrap is incredibly hard to damage because it is a lot stronger than it often looks. This makes it the very best option for absolutely anything that is going to be travelling any distance, whether short or long.

If you are looking for a shrink wrap machine for your business, Minipack-Torre will no doubt have a suitable option for your unique needs and requirements. To view their collections, visit their website:



Rugby Festivals Next Year

Rugby festivals and tournaments can be so much fun, providing that they are planned efficiently. Because of this they are constantly growing in popularity and one company that is catering for this is Burleigh Travel.

mini rugby tour

This company are already taking bookings for the 2017 rugby seasons therefore if you would like to book a mini rugby tour it is advised that you contact them today. Not only do they excel in organising the most leading tournaments with appropriately skilled teams but also are able to book accommodation, sight-seeing excursions and much more – to enable all whom book to have the ultimate rugby tour experience.

Obviously, booking a rugby tour is a big decision to make therefore it is only normal for you to require further information. If you would like to see more info on the tours and festivals that Burleigh Travel offer, you can visit their website – where you will be amazed by how many options there really are. The company also have a highly experienced and knowledgeable team who are able to advise the best choices for your individual needs and requirements. See today.

The Stanhope-Seta Reputation

Within the past fifty years Stanhope-Seta’s reputation has increased tenfold and they have now earned themselves a truly phenomenal reputation within their industry. Supplying petroleum test instruments which come with high accuracy and reliability they have set the standard worldwide and now cannot be beaten.

Stanhope-Seta Africa

With over 100 quality products in their range, they offer instruments to meet a wide range of needs and requirements and are therefore able to help so many people and companies. Vapour pressure testers, oil test centrifuges, flashpoint testers and so much more, they really do cater for all demands.

Leading company Mindex are experts in the marketing of these laboratory instruments, specialising in Stanhope-Seta export to Africa, Nigeria and The Middle East. Specialising in international tenders of a wide selection the company are able to provide supplies and instruments to enable complete laboratory solutions for all of their clients, making their services increasingly popular.

If you would like further information you can visit their website You can also contact their team who are incredibly friendly and helpful and will be happy to assist in any way that they can. Contact details can be found on their website.

3 Reasons Why This Catering Franchise Is For You

If you are currently looking for a hog roast franchise to take full advantage of The Greedy Hog could well be offering one that is of interest to you. Here are just three of the reasons why:

catering franchise

  1. Popular all year round –Hog roasts are a popular choice all year round and therefore this catering franchise opportunity provides the ability to make money all year round. Not only do people love a hog roast in the summer months but also for corporate events and Christmas parties.
  2. No experience needed – To run a mobile catering business you do not require any previous experience, all you need is relevant ACAS qualifications and then you will be provided will full advice and everything else that you need.
  3. Low start-up costs – The cost of this franchise investment is only £12,000. You will no doubt make this back quickly and start earning money for yourself.

If you would like more information regarding this once in a lifetime opportunity, you can visit The Greedy Hog’s website today, where you will not only be able to find everything that you could want to know, but also contact details so you can give their team a call today: