The Benefits of Pawning

For many, many years pawn shops have been offering quick cash loans across the globe – providing cash lump sums in exchange for jewellery and other valuables which can then be re-obtained once loans have been paid off. The majority of pawn shops accept any items that they can resell should loans not be repaid, […]

Sensible Packing Tips

If you are moving house, do not worry. Perhaps people keep telling you what a stressful experience it is going to be, and how tired it is going to make you –but what if we told you, that it doesn’t have to be this way! If you plant and execute your house move efficiently, it […]

Could shipping containers be the farms of the future?

Every single year millions of tonnes worth of goods are shipped around the world in shipping containers, and currently after this, many of the containers are left empty not to be used again. An imperial design engineering student however has recently come up with a plan to combat this this wasteful issue, creating an innovative […]

Exclusive Distributors of Laboratory Instruments

Mindex Ltd, exclusive distributors of laboratory equipment for a wide range of leading brands such as Stanhope Seta, Seta Analytics, Ofite, Oxford Instruments, Core Lab, Zeltex and more have really made a name for themselves within the industry since first establishing in 1984. With the primary focus of exporting scientific products and laboratory instruments to […]

The Best Packaging Solution

For three main reasons, shrink wrapping is becoming the number one choice for packaging in a number of industries. If you for any reason are unsure whether it is the correct choice for your company, why not consider: Cost-effectiveness – Compared to other available packaging solutions, shrink wrapping is incredibly affordable. This is because, machines […]

Rugby Festivals Next Year

Rugby festivals and tournaments can be so much fun, providing that they are planned efficiently. Because of this they are constantly growing in popularity and one company that is catering for this is Burleigh Travel. This company are already taking bookings for the 2017 rugby seasons therefore if you would like to book a mini […]