The Best Packaging Solution

For three main reasons, shrink wrapping is becoming the number one choice for packaging in a number of industries. If you for any reason are unsure whether it is the correct choice for your company, why not consider: Cost-effectiveness – Compared to other available packaging solutions, shrink wrapping is incredibly affordable. This is because, machines […]

Rugby Festivals Next Year

Rugby festivals and tournaments can be so much fun, providing that they are planned efficiently. Because of this they are constantly growing in popularity and one company that is catering for this is Burleigh Travel. This company are already taking booking for the 2017 rugby seasons therefore if you would like to book a mini […]

The Stanhope-Seta Reputation

Within the past fifty years Stanhope-Seta’s reputation has increased tenfold and they have now earned themselves a truly phenomenal reputation within their industry. Supplying petroleum test instruments which come with high accuracy and reliability they have set the standard worldwide and now cannot be beaten. With over 100 quality products in their range, they offer […]

3 Reasons Why This Catering Franchise Is For You

If you are currently looking for a hog roast franchise to take full advantage of The Greedy Hog could well be offering one that is of interest to you. Here are just three of the reasons why: Popular all year round –Hog roasts are a popular choice all year round and therefore this catering franchise […]


Petrol heads and performance car enthusiasts around the globe are gearing up for the Professional Motorsport World Expo 2016 running from the 9th through to the 11th November 2016 in Cologne, Germany and will showcase the latest and greatest in performance car technology and the latest from the biggest brands in the industry. The key […]

Top Reasons to Grow Hydro

Hydroponics is rapidly becoming the primary method of food production amongst serious enthusiasts and amateur growers alike. There are some fantastic benefits to growing your own produce hydroponically; here is a roundup of the key benefits. Sustainable and eco friendly A variety of fruit and vegetables can be grown hydroponically such as tomatoes, peppers, lettuce, […]


The packaging industry has been revolutionised with the advent of shrink wrap. It has numerous uses and benefits, and is used throughout the food packaging, music and retail industry as well as a whole host of others. It is used as the primary method for the food packaging industry as it allows consumers and packagers […]