3 giving up smoking myths – busted!

When you make the decision to quit smoking tobacco cigarettes – it certainly is an occasion for positivity and pride! It is a great step towards better health for yourself and those around you too. However, you are likely to encounter a few myths about giving up along the way. These can be thrown like a curveball, perhaps tempting you back towards having a cigarette. But do not fear! In this piece we will consider the big myths about giving up smoking and provide you with the reassurance that you are making an excellent choice!

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Don’t believe the falsehoods – Some myths:

  • Using nicotine supplements is bad – many people choose to use a stop smoking aid which contains nicotine, in order to satisfy cravings and slowly cut down. Nicotine can be supplied in convenient forms including gum, patches and e cigs. Some people criticise this approach by saying that to be still carrying on with nicotine is bad. It is an addictive substance, yes, but it in itself is certainly not as harmful as the tar and carcinogens contained in cigarettes. Plus the level of nicotine taken in can be slowly reduced, to allow for steady but well-supported progress.
  • The withdrawal symptoms will be terrible – a common reason why people say they are too scared to quit smoking is because of the withdrawal symptoms they will face. Yes, these can be tough but there are increasing services and measures in place which can make dealing with them much easier! Technology has advanced so much over the last 5 years and can play a big role in easing any agitation.
  • You will put on weight – people assume that because the ‘habit’ of smoking is no longer there, comfort eating may occur – leading to weight gain. However, through using appropriate quitting aids, such as an e cigarette, habits are satisfied without the need to turn to food.

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