4 points to consider before polytunnel purchase

Polytunnels are set to take the upcoming gardening season by storm. After all, with a polytunnel, cops can continue to grow, sheltered from extremities of weather – safe from baking heat (perhaps less likely) and hard rain (typical!). A polytunnel offers a structure for stability, security and also the prospect of improved growing conditions – ideal for vegetables. A polytunnel also shields against the damage from birds and animals, allowing you to attract nature to your garden without having to worry about the implications on your growing projects.

Plastic tunnel greenhouse polytunnel with young plants inside

  • Size and scale matter – if you are wanting a large-scale polytunnel there may be legal points to consider, especially if it will be in the sight of neighbours. An excellent innovation to avoid any legal implications and still allowing you to benefit from brilliant growth and good shelter is a mini polytunnel, increasingly available and popular for home gardens
  • Budgeting – a polytunnel certainly is a worthwhile investment for growth, but when you budget, make sure you save space for accessories and any other equipment. This may include extra netting and any other add-ons. There are many available!
  • Planning inside – there are a number of steps to consider when growing inside a tunnel. For example, do you want raised or flat beds? How will you keep co-ordinated – an annual rotation system?
  • A lasting structure of growth – when it comes to a polytunnel, sowing little and often can be the key for success and making the most of a tunnel, rather than overburdening and spoiling growth

These points are designed to make picking a polytunnel even easier, as they are diverse space which can be tailored to the type of vegetation you aim to grow. .