4 reasons why Nigeria is such a positive place to invest in

Nigeria is a country in Africa known for its diversity and determination to develop. A number of businesses have emerged there over the last decade, already seeing substantial gains. Yes, Nigeria is the place people often refer to as ‘hot hot hot’ both in terms of bushiness prospect and climate!  So why not find out a little more about this interesting place packed with opportunity:

Four facts you need to know

  • It’s the most populous country in all of Africa – Nigeria has a substantial population; 162.5 million people – and growing! This makes it the most populated in Africa, but actually represents 2.35% of the whole World!
  • A market to make the most of – Nigeria has been identified as one of the next ‘N-11’ countries, which means massive growth potential is forecast. A number of economists have predicted big business expansion in the coming years
  • Passion for fashion – Nigeria also appears to be consolidating a status as an international capital for all things fashionable. It’s Arize Magazine Show, bringing the best of Africa’s designers, has been successfully integrated into New York Fashion Week
  • People who know how to party – A number of places in Nigeria are known for their exciting and expensive partying!  This can be seen in the form of a Euromonitor forecasts; which estimates the country’s champagne consumption will be set to reach 1.1 million litres by 2017!

Be part of the positivity

It is clear to see that Nigeria does offer important opportunities for optimism. A number of people have already taken advantage of growing industries, including garment sales and car shipping to Nigeria also.