4 signs of a successful recruiter for 2016

The recruitment stage of employment is expected to be of even greater focus in 2016.  This is due to being key to unlocking better business efficiency. A good recruiter is key to ensuring that appropriately-qualified candidates are approaching the right roles, ultimately leading to the hire of the best people for the position. This encourages healthy worker retention and potentially improved productivity, both desirable factors in the modern workplace.

Therefore, it matters to be aware of effective recruitment practice – whether you are a candidate or a recruiter yourself. Here are some commendable codes of conduct which can enhance the recruiting experience…

Important pointers

  • Celebrating the strengths – one of the primary goals of a good recruiter is to champion the skills of candidates, as well as encouraging their further development. In this light, a recruiter can work to emphasize that a candidate cannot only meet expectations in a job role, but can exceed This emphasis of going the extra mile through talent is important
  • The experience matters – it is important that the best recruiters treat candidates personally, not just as‘job filler’. They should work to create a quality experience which brings out the best in the individual, with conscious thought of how they will work as part of a team too
  • Relishing research – effective recruiters invest time and energy into studying the candidates’ industry and how their skills would appropriate to available jobs
  • With you every step of the way – applying for roles can be a time-consuming process. The best recruiters understand this and offer continued support, as well as appreciating that it takes time for talented people to transition from one job to another

Expertise matters

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