Is it a single-serve future for packaging?

The hustle and bustle of working lives often requires quick-fix products which can be taken on the move, especially in terms of food and drink. Over the years, consumer demand has increased for portable easy-serve food and drink items. During the morning commute for example, business people may only have chance for a bite to eat on the bus or when they stop the car. It is no surprise that these busy consumers want food and drink which is convenient to transport and quick to access, without quality being compromised.

Health food also sees an increase

Increasingly popular food and drink options in the workplace are in the form of ‘health foods’ too. The modern commuter is often a conscious consumer, wanting to be efficient with what they put in their body as well as how they spend their time. Have you noticed the individually wrapped snack foods as you approach the supermarket checkouts? Increasing numbers of fresh, wrapped products are taking the place of chocolate bars. This is quick, convenient food with a health kick – for example bagged apple pieces, carrot sticks and snack crackers.

Packaging for a faster-moving market

shrink wrap

Workday consumption habits indicate an interest in items which are quick, but fresh too. Fortunately, the ways manufacturers and retailers package goods have been evolving to keep up with this.   A significantly used packaging option to cater for this demand is through shrink wrap film. The protective polymer film of the wrap provides a water-tight, even air-tight seal. This makes it ideal for preserving those fresh, single-serve products the UK market is so passionate about. For example, cucumber sticks, vegetable crudités and sealed salad boxes are all popularly wrapped using this method. It allows for a hygienic, transparent finish – so people can see the food and be sure of its quality.