5 items to keep in a safe at your home

There are a number of reasons why people use safes in their homes. But the main reason that they do so is because they are a clever way of keeping thieves away from valuables!  Whilst burglar alarms are thought to be enough security by many, safes can often act as a final barrier between a thief and personal possessions.

Eurograde Safe

But what should you put in your safe? What you put in your safe will of course depend on you as a person and what belongings you own. However, here are 5 things that we found to be the most commonly safe-protected items:

Things to think about

  1. Jewellery. Because jewellery is small in size and often high in value, it typically involves items that burglars often try and steal first. Put any valuable and precious items in your safe as well as any jewellery that has been passed down through the family.
  2. Money. If for any reason you keep cash in your home, it is important that it is kept in a safe instead of under your mattress or anywhere else.
  3. Wills. If you have a will it is really important that this is kept in your safe, as if anything was to happen to you this will need to be found – and there have been so many cases where wills have been undiscoverable.
  4. Keys. Safes are also a good place for spare car keys and any other important keys that you may have
  5. Passports. Passports and birth certificates are best kept in a safe so you can have them to hand whenever needed but rest assured knowing that they are safe too.

In safe hands

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