What can probiotics do for you?

Probiotics have been storming the UK market recently and have become a daily part of many people’s lives. One thing that doesn’t go unnoticed, mostly by families when buying probiotic drinks and yoghurts is how much they can cost. There is a cost effective and healthy option that can be considered – make it at home!

The benefits!

There are many benefits of drinking milk kefir and financial value in drinking and making it from home. It doesn’t take much effort either, you can buy milk grains which are a live culture and you leave them in milk to ferment and reproduce. The liquid left over is you’re Probiotic and a very healthy drink. Listed below are some of the benefits of drinking this innovative product!

It’s cancer fighting!

Eating fermented foods or drinks doesn’t sound all that appealing, but a study from the Journal of Dairy Science found that regular kefir consumption in mice helped stop breast cancer growth. The immune cells also showed that fermented foods have killed different types of cancerous tumours.

 milk kefir

It helps IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome)

Many acidic foods and products that are high in fat tend to aggravate IBS and similar digestive problems. Probiotics and specifically kefir includes healthy bacteria such as lactobacillus and Bifidobacterium can help reduce inflammation in the gut and is ultimately less painful.

Eases allergies and asthma

The anti-inflammatory qualities aren’t just limited to helping IBS, they stretch to easing asthma too. Why? The properties of it helps reduce the inflammation associated with asthma and could be used in the future to help the prevention of the condition.

Want to make your own?

Happy Kombucha provide everything you need to make your own milk kefir and other probiotic supplements. They also offer expert help and guidance for you to produce the best kefir.