Airsoft Activities Around the UK

Originating from Japan, airsoft has been around as a sport since as far back as the 1980’s and has rapidly become one of the UK’s most popular team sports. Many of the already well-established activity centers around the UK already provide airsoft activities as standard with the majority being in rural outdoor locations, setting the scene incredibly well for skirmish style battles.  Here is a roundup of the best UK activity centers for Airsoft.

Skirmish Airsoft, Nottingham

The airsoft provision here is fantastic with night games available to book alongside regular daytime activities. The site is centred within the heart of Sherwood Forest, providing a realistic and rugged backdrop for skirmishes.

Bristol Black Ops Airsoft

For airsoft fans in the South West there are two fantastic skirmish sites based at Portishead, overlooking the Severn Estuary and another urban venue is located at Cribbs Causeway, Bristol. Both sites are set in beautiful locations with surrounding woodland areas perfect for realistic battles.

Dalby Activity Centre, North Yorkshire

The activity center at Dalby provides another stunning backdrop for airsoft games with large purpose built structures and 20 acres of thick woodland with suitable large clearings. Games include radar raiding, capture the flag and storm the fort. The facilities here are to cater for adults and children over 12 years of age.

Airborne Airsoft

The Airsoft Airborne team operate a number of skirmish sites in the South East in both Hampshire and London. Famous for their well-developed military simulations, they also offer facilities or children to join in the fun in a safe, controlled environment.  Young guns is specifically for children aged 11-17 and is operated at the woodland site with a range of games for young children which teach new skills and encourage responsibility and values as well as teaching the importance of team work.

Ace Combat, Brenchley

This site incorporates all aspects of tactical planning, stealth ambushing, concealment, speed and surprise and a host of other styles ranging from short illumination firefights to all day long battles which guarantee a phenomenal day is had by all. The team at Ace Combat have pulled out all the stops to enrich the experience and use items such as smoke screens, landmines, pyrotechnic grenades and booby traps, ensuring a memorable day is had by all.

Airsoft suppliers

There are a number if specialist airsoft suppliers all over the UK who provide a variety of Airsoft guns, rifles and accessories and even airguns such as the SIG SAUER Air Rifle.