Be part of the Yorkshire business boom

Yorkshire could be considered the county-to-be for building business and keeping connections this 2015. With the upcoming Tour De Yorkshire, as well as hosting the Snooker Championships (and not to forget it being the biggest county in England) Yorkshire certainly holds many possibilities. There are so many reasons to consider installing your offices in Yorkshire – more than ever before – as the county offers ready connections to both the North and South. Furthermore, with anticipated political attention expected to be on the North regarding the General Election, Yorkshire could be up to receive even more commercial benefit.

Top tips for relocating office space:

  • Location – you want an area with ease of access, including motorway proximity. A closeness to cities, especially in the North can also keep you connected with fresh graduates.
  • Public transport – you need to ensure that facilities, especially trains and buses, are in place to provide staff with the autonomy they need; consider the commute of your employees – you want it to as pleasant as possible.
  • Reputation/image of the area – ultimately, you want your relocation to be seen as one for positive growth, clients and employees are more likely to be attracted to an area with positive and ever-growing credentials. Yorkshire is a county where this is certainly the case. With lush association and fantastic culture, including the Yorkshire Dales National Park and Emmerdale, it is an area rich in heritage.
  • Consider traffic patterns and whether you will be able to negotiate with them for regular hours in your working space.
  • Local markets.
  • Competition – the northern counties such as Lancashire and Yorkshire are seeing a resurgence of tertiary business spaces such as offices. However, you can be part of this early stage and really establish yourself if you take action now!