Beautiful period fireplaces: want to know more?

Having a fireplace is an increasingly popular feature of fine interior design. Whether inspired by the elaborate designs evident in period dramas such as Downton Abbey, or just wanting to install a value-adding feature to your front room, a fireplace certainly is a hot option.

Why Victorian fireplaces are so popular

A Victorian design ultimately gives an aura of elegance to any room. At the time, the size of a fireplace ultimately depended on the scale of the room, and it is this is a method of co-ordination and appropriation which works well in homes today.

Fireplaces have been a key component in welcoming and pleasing guests for centuries, and the Victorian era was when this function really reached its prime. Places in the home where guests typically would congregate, such as the parlour, would have a grand mantel and fireplace front. Fireplaces were also popular bedroom inclusions and have a simpler design, whilst smaller bedrooms would have smaller cast iron models. The attitude of adapting fireplaces to different rooms in the home is certainly seeing a resurgence, especially in the last few years.

How to capture that charm

If you have a Victorian property or simply want to capture the era in an attractive way, consider these fireplace features:

  • Dark sensuous shades to accentuate the flame
  • Mantel materials – Victorian fireplaces can be varied in their form, allowing you to gauge which material suits the surroundings best. These include mantles constructed from marble, slate, wood or cast iron. Furthermore, arched grates add a level of interest
  • A hardwood surround over a cast iron grate is a typical assemblage, which can be polished for high-shine
  • Some Victorian fireplaces incorporate the popular designs of the times, such as imprints from the regency period and also the Art-Design movement. Embossed flower designs were especially popular and can enhance a fireplace as an ornamental feature.

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