The Benefits of Minibus Hire In London over Christmas

The run up to Christmas is a time of festivities, with events and parties taking place across the whole country. Deciding to go to one of these events is one thing, but getting there is another thing entirely. With a large group it can be a real challenge to travel far, but through hiring a Minibus, you can drive everyone in one trip, without any hassle.



The Benefits of Minibus Hire

A Minibus is the ideal vehicle for transporting between seven and seventeen people without the need to make numerous trips, or to take more than one vehicle to an event. They’re also perfect for touring around the country, thanks to the spacious interior, and hiring a minibus to drive yourself means you can go where you want without any restrictions from hiring a taxi. You can stay overnight at a city then travel back the next day without having to arrange any additional transport and the cost that comes with it.

There are numerous Minibus hire firms to choose from in London, but for Minibus hire in Enfield, Lea Valley Fair Rent are the company to choose, thanks to their years of experience and great customer service. They cover the whole of North East London, meaning many have the opportunity to enjoy their fantastic hire service.

Hire a Minibus with Fair Rent

Lea Valley Fair Rent are a UK self-drive van and car hire company, situated in North East London. The family run business has been offering great service at competitive prices since 1985, and they continue to do so with their current range of Minibuses, vans and cars, with a variety of options available so a customer can tailor the services provided specifically for their needs.

For Minibus hire, the vehicle can be hired for up to seven days, which means you can take a week-long trip away from home over the Christmas period. To lease a vehicle around the Chingford and Enfield area, visit Fair Rent’s website today and contact a friendly and experienced member of the team for further information.