Business Meetings in the Modern World

Businessmen and women are busier than ever.

Yet as latest research shows, insufficient face-to-face meetings could cost millions.

According to research* by the Intercontinental Hotel, the number of meetings being had, whether virtually or face to face has risen by 63% and 43% respectively over the course of the last 5 – 10 years.

And broken down, over 40% of respondents believed that had lost a contract, deal or client or not secured revenue, simply because they didn’t have enough face to face meetings.

Says Luis De Souza, CEO of NFS Technology Group, creator of the innovative Rendezvous integrated event management software: “The rise of social media has created a wealth of opportunities to research existing and potential business connections; but this research shows that it can never truly replace the traditional face to face meeting.

Business people gathering in meeting area

“As the report shows a key advantage of face to face meetings is that all the visual clues we need to avoid misunderstandings are available. Non verbal communication accounts for 93% of how others interpret meaning – what we say is not as influential as how we say it.”

“But given that we are all busier than event, meetings and events must be slick and well organised to run smoothly, and this involves every aspect of the meeting, from coordinating timings and location through to seating arrangements, AV requirements and catering.

“Rendezvous is a powerful “cloud” based software solution that can accommodate every aspect of an event plan to ensure it runs smoothly. It also adds the ability to follow up with relevant personnel to ensure both digital and personal contact can be maintained.”

At a glance

• The room and space booking feature can establish the right room or conference area to suit the event requirements; taking into account room type, layout, capacity, catering needs and AV requirements
• Features such as Outlook and Exchange integration systems enables you to book rooms or resources in one place
• Space Planning Tools offers the opportunity to design the room layout to achieve best space management – this can be updated in real time right up to the scheduled event.
• The Attendee management system allows confidential information to stay secure with designated access requirements.
• Event coordinators can retain access to see upcoming events and bookings in real time
• An integrated video conference management feature allows you to schedule and manage video conferences, consider time differences and the use of digital signage to show what is happening in individual rooms or on certain floors of a building.