The packaging industry has been revolutionised with the advent of shrink wrap.

Shrink wrap has numerous uses and benefits.

It is used throughout the food packaging, music and retail industry as well as a whole host of others. As the primary method for the food packaging industry, it allows consumers and packagers to see the quality of the contents in the package and provides an airtight barrier to prevent foodstuffs from going off.

If you are considering the merits of a shrink wrap machine, you will need to measure your requirements against a number of systems which include automatic, semi-automatic and manual systems.

used shrink wrap machine

New machinery

Manual systems are specifically designed to be fast, efficient and versatile. They require an operator to run the machinery. Automatic systems are the best option if you have lots of space and size is not an issue. These machines are fast and effective in a variety of applications. Again if space is not an issue, semi automatic chamber machines are designed to be used in large production facilities and also require an operator but they achieve phenomenal results very quickly.

Used machinery

Used machinery offers a reliable and cost effective solution to buying a brand new machine where budget is an issue. Take serious time to consider your needs and then draw up a shortlist of reputable suppliers who can help you with specialist help and advice. One such supplier is Sontex who offer a variety of machines to cater every need, whether you want to buy a new or used shrink wrap machine, you can be sure Sontex have the solution for you. For more information please visit: