How to Choose the Best Windows for Your Home

If your windows have seen better days and therefore need replacing, you should be thinking about replacing them with energy efficient, double glazed windows. This could significantly reduce your heating and energy bills while adding value and improving the aesthetics of your home at the same time. What more could you want?




When deciding to get new windows in Burnley however, there are a number of things that need to be taken into consideration – making it hard for individuals to determine which the best options for their individual needs and requirements are. Today we plan to offer these people advice with the hope to guide them into making the more appropriate decisions…


New of Replacement Windows

The first decision in which a homeowner has to make is whether to get “new” or “replacement” windows. But what’s the difference?

New Windows: New windows are typically chosen when a homeowner wants to change the size or shape of their windows. This generally requires a little more work, as not only does it require installation, but also surrounding carpentry work. The great thing about opting for new windows is that they can work to change the appearance both of the inside and outside of a house.

Replacement Windows: Installing replacement windows involves removing old windows without disturbing existing trims and frames and replacing them with new and improved windows that fit perfectly in the existing opening. This is the more common option of the two, and is quicker and cheaper in the majority of cases.


Window Styles

The next big decision to make is the window style that is going to be used. Four of the most popular options for all to consider are:

Single or Double Hung Windows:

These windows are found in a lot of homes across the UK, consisting of two separate panes of glass which open and close using a sliding motion. Single hung windows open from the bottom by sliding upwards, while double hung windows can be opened from either the top or the bottom.

Casement Windows:

These windows typically consist of one large glass pane which is hinged vertically with the ability to open by swinging outwards. Levers or similar mechanisms are used to open this window style.

Awning Windows:

Awning windows are hinged at the top and can opened simply by tilting the window outwards from the bottom. You have probably seen these windows a lot in bathrooms, as this is where they are mostly used.

Slider Windows:

Slider windows slide open from side to side and are the most appropriate choice for all who have limited space to swing windows open. They also look incredibly great.


Other Things to Consider

Other things that need to be thought about when opting to get new windows include window frame materials and windows glass. With so many options available, we always urge people to contact their local window supplier and installer, who will no doubt be delighted to assist in finding the perfect option, to suit homes and budgets impeccably.