Should you choose catering or machine hire for a hog roast?

In the red corner is machine hire, a favourite for informal events, and in the blue corner is hog roast catering, a popular choice for big occasions, but who wins the fight and why? In truth, there are quality benefits to both and it really depends on what you want out of your event. If you can’t make up your mind and you need some more information to make an informed decision, we’ve come up with some pros and cons for both.



Spit roast machine hire

Hiring a machine is fast becoming a really popular way to provide a scrumptious home-reared pig for your guests for a number of reasons. There’s a lot to like about hiring and, better still, there’s very little in the way of downsides.

One of the top reasons for choosing to hire is cost. Professional catering is expensive at the best of times and even though selecting a catering package for your event is more affordable than most other options, it still doesn’t compare to the amazingly low price of hiring. Even on the smallest of budgets, renting equipment for a day is a feasible option.

Do things your way. You won’t have to rely on others to cook your food and you can go crazy with ingredients and seasonings, creating a beautiful roast on your own terms. When you hire you can cook literally whatever you want, from traditional pigs with simple seasonings to lamb marinated in jerk seasoning. As for sides, well, the choice is truly yours.
Pig roast catering
Catering is something we’ll likely all need at one point and there are few things in this world that begin to compare to a perfectly cooked pig roast. While hire is a fantastic option for those with an independent streak, catering is perfect if you want to sit back and enjoy the event while someone else does the work.
Less work – The main reason people choose catering over hire is obviously that with catering there’s no work for you to do. In fact, you can kick back and enjoy your event, letting the professionals do the hard work for you, whether it’s cooking the pig or serving it to your guests.
Amazing results every time – Many professionals have cooked hundreds of hog roasts throughout the course of their career, giving them the skills and experience needed to create amazing results every single time. You won’t have to worry about over or undercooked meat with a caterer helping you.