Choosing the right air gun for you

With air gunning and pistol shooting rising significantly in popularity as productive, effective sports, the time has never been better to buy an air gun of your own. Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned professional, the success of air pistol shooting in the commonwealth games and the Olympics means the time has never been better considering the range of air guns for sale.

In turn, what you need to evaluate is the type of gun you need – especially regarding the power source.

air guns for sale

Some air gun types to consider

  • Spring-piston airguns – these are possibly the most popular types of airgun. Why? They are simple to use, relatively lightweight and often good value for money – an ideal starting option. All that is needed to charge the gun is to hold the barrel in one hand, the stock in the other and apply pressure. Thus this moves a piston back inside the gun, transferring tension to and compressing a steel spring. The trigger sear in turn holds this piston in tension and when fired the piston is released. This pushes a column of air forward, in turn propelling the pellet down the barrel. There are options available within spring-powered guns including those with a fixed barrel and side-lever options. Having a fixed barrel can improve accuracy, and thus can address one of the issues of spring-powered guns, which is a potentially lower accuracy than some other types.
  • CO2 powered airguns –  powered by carbon dioxide cartridges rather than a spring. Semi-automatic airguns are ultimately powered in this way, and provide the shooter with the ability to fire shots as fast as the trigger can be pulled. This reduces the need for pumping and can allow for an improved level of accuracy, though perhaps at slightly more expense  than a  spring powered gun

Hit the spot with the right supplier

There are a number of types and variations to consider, including other power types such as gas ram. The best suppliers will be able to provide you with an array of options and potentially talk through their suitability to you, if necessary.