Choosing the right Air Gun

With so much choice in the air gun market, it can be difficult to know where to start when it comes to making a selection. After all, there are a variety of applications for air guns, and you want a model fit for purpose and fit for you.

With these following tips, there are some basic guidelines which may help in making a structured and sensible selection.

Tip tips to consider

  • What is it to be used for? – Ultimately, most air guns are used for a combination if activities – for example sport and pest control. It is ultimately more essential to ascertain whether you are using a gun for a specific purpose – for example, if it is definitely to be for target practice primarily. If you know the main usage of your gun, then you can make a more appropriate selection.
  • What distance will you be shooting? – Air guns often have different power categories, which correspond to purpose. Most air guns are placed into the categories of light, medium, high (also known as magnum) and super-magnum (with these being typically speciality rifles). In most cases, especially regarding target shooting, plinking and air soft, light powered guns are capable, as shoot well to up to about 35 yards. Medium powered guns may extend a range to up to 50 yards, and then even further with the magnum models. However, range capability also extends the price so it is ultimately time and cost effective to select a gun appropriate to your needs and budget
  • Consider the types of power available – air guns are powered in a number of different ways, including spring-loaded, gas ram and PCP. The springing and gas ram rifles are more typically used as are designed to be cocked and shot, whilst PCP could be considered more heavy duty but they need to be charged
  • Trigger quality – different taggers, often influenced by price, have different lbs of pull. This is another factor to consider when picking a gun, dependent on experience and the amount of practice you may have already had with guns



Get the best

Therefore there are a number of factors to take into account when making the appropriate air gun choice.