Composite selection tips

Opting for composite decking can be one of the best choices you can make when formatting your garden or outdoor space. After all, a composite offers the best of both – taking the top qualities of two or more materials i.e. wood and plastic, and combining them for the utmost efficiency.

Selecting composite decking ultimately requires consideration of your budget, colour preferences, fastener choice and particular circumstances; such as where your decking is going to be installed and how extensive it may be.

Composite Decking

Factors to think of when picking composite decking

1) Budget – a composite is an ideal choice if you are wanting to be cost efficient as rather than wood, a composite does not require extensive upkeep and has high durability.   If you are keeping to a tight budget, this may involve you selecting the simpler colour schemes and designs of composite as available in standard plank sizes – yet still high quality designs. Costs can also be potentially kept down by having boards installed with face screws rather than hidden fasteners, though this is ultimately down to choice

2) Sun exposure – if you can anticipate your decking receiving a lot of direct sunlight, it is perhaps better to chooser a lighter colour – dark coloured and denser composites can absorb heat quite quickly. Although this will not be likely to damage the composites as they are highly durable, having a composite which absorbs sunlight could leave you feeling hot

3) Looking good – more expensive boards may have an appearance which solely replicates wood, a superior grain and a variety of variations. However, a company which offers a wide selection will ultimately allow you to tailor both factors of appearance and affordability as appropriate

4) Texture – if you opt for a composite with a pronounced or enhanced texture, this is especially useful if it is to be in an area where the decking may be exposed to a lot of moisture such as near a pool or an exposed outdoor space.