Could shipping containers be the farms of the future?

Every single year millions of tonnes worth of goods are shipped around the world in shipping containers.  However, currently after the transportation, many of the containers are left empty not to be used again. An imperial design engineering student however has recently come up with a plan to combat this this wasteful issue. This is by creating an innovative hydroponic farming system to utilise the containers further.

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Hydroponic Farming

‘Growframe’ is the system that the student is developing and the plan is to allow for shipping containers to grow crops hydroponically on their return journeys, where usually they would be empty. It is anticipated that when complete the containers will each be able to produce around $2,000 worth of crops using the collapsible hydroponics farm. The collapsible systems reduce to just 1/10ths of their original size, making it possible for them to fit in the containers on their journeys to other countries, whilst carrying other goods.

This isn’t the only innovative use of shipping containers either, in many countries across the world people are opting to use shipping containers for numerous things such as portable accommodation, guest houses, offices and much more. When it comes to shipping containers, the options are actually endless, so it is a shame to see them go to waste, and it is great to see people coming up with such great uses for them.