Creating the right kinds of divides in the office

It is unavoidable in an office situation that you can’t just chop and change the room walls around when you need the dynamics to change or the room to be modified. Yet as much as it would be great in theory to be able to move buildings every time you needed a change around, but practically – both financially and logistically – it’s not a feasible solution.

However, one easy way you can change the dynamics of open plan office spaces is to include screens and dividers.


How can screens and dividers work for you?

  • in order to break the room up,
  • sound proof certain areas,
  • make desks more private in customer facing areas by adding a partition to shadow the desk,
  • create booths or cubicles for individual working spaces,
  • create customer areas separate from the staff.

Will they look cheap?

Screen dividers are available in a vast variety of shapes, sizes, colours and effects, so can blend in with the office décor without standing out like a sore thumb; they are available in wood look, fabric, steel and clear acrylic, with the option of trims in light or dark grey and aluminium.

Added extras

In order to help you create the absolute most out of your space, screens are not only made to measure in order to fit perfectly within the room, they are also available with a choice of internal space for hiding wires, or attached pieces to box wires off.

They can be made with overhead shelves and storage areas, as well as being fitted with storage areas for mail and stationary.

What works best for you?

If you want your space to be ever-malleable and adaptable, free-standing dividers can allow you to change around the office space as many times as you like on a day to day basis, with the added benefit of still creating sound buffers.