Creating your own pet couture

Pets are like your children that never grow up or stop depending on you for cuddles and attention. So it’s unsurprising, then, that people will continue to spoil and lavish their pets forever – and why not?


Pet Accessories

If you have a tiny pooch who needs a coat for a brisk, early morning summer walks, a Bagpuss who loves to get your sofas, blankets and duvets furry or a horse who prances in its outfits like the best divas, why not save yourself a small fortune and create your own, one off pieces for your pets?

If you’re a dab hand with a sewing machine and love to create your own one of a kind clothes and personal touches to scatter around your home, you could create some of your own, personalised products for your pets.

Pet beds

Whilst in theory it might sound like a lot of work, pet beds are often quite expensive in pet shops, and with some fleece fabric and stuffing it would be a lot easier to make than you think. By providing your pampered pet with their own, extra comfy, fleecy beds, they might start leaving your soft furnishings alone.

Pet coats

For those of you extremely talented souls out there who already make your own dresses for summer and soft furnishings for around the home, you might consider creating a coat for your special furry friends. For a warm jumper for those early morning walks or rides, or maybe even a special outfit for a fancy dress occasion, what better way is there to get the exact design and fit tailored to your pet than to create your own?