The Difference between an Airsoft gun and an Air Rifle

People often confuse the difference between an Airsoft gun and an Air Rifle, which can be a costly confusion to make. The two guns might look the same and share the use of the word ‘air’ but they are both for completely different things, and have different levels of power.


An airsoft gun is used for competitive skirmishes against other people. The guns are loaded with plastic pellets to avoid causing any serious damage and there are airsoft grounds across the country for enthusiasts to take part in recreational gun battles. The guns can’t cause any serious damage with the right conditions in place, which makes them great for competitive sport.

The Air Gun

An air gun looks similar to an airsoft gun, but the difference is in the power of the shot.

The bullets used in an air gun are far more powerful, able to dig inches into skin, which makes them ideal for hunting. To use an air gun against a human would be fatal, as they aren’t designed for the skirmishes seen with airsoft guns. Instead, they are ideal for those looking to improve their gun toting abilities at target ranges, and for hunting. In a sense it’s the next step up after airsoft, when it comes to the capabilities of the guns.

The differences between Airsoft and air guns are distinct, with both offering different ways to enjoy guns as a hobby and sport, and when choosing which one to pursue, it all goes down to how you want to shoot. Both require the user to be 18 to purchase a gun, though 14 years an above can use the gun under set guidelines, and are both safer alternatives to real firearms.