Don’t despair at domestic disasters!

Carpet chaos

When you buy a property, the very first thing you do is lavishly decorate it within an inch of its life to your perfect and impeccable standards. What you probably didn’t factor in, however, when you first laid those beautiful cream carpets, was that when you decided to commit to the pitter-patter of tiny feet – be it a baby, a pet, or both! – your carpet would be the thing to take the hardest hit.


The same applies to if you have been renting, which particularly these days is a popular option. Again, your landlord thought it would be the best decision in a rented property aimed at young families to put down light coloured carpets everywhere.

Sticky fingers, mucky shoes, dirty paws, fur, food, Play Doh, you name it, it’s probably found its way to being ground into your carpet.

Whether you’re due to move out of your rental property and need to ensure you get your full deposit back, or your own property is just not scrubbing up to standard with the usual spring clean, perhaps it’s time to throw in the towel and hire professionals to take out the stresses of stain remover and carpet cleaner off of your hands.

Cleaning conundrums

Alternatively, perhaps tending a busy London lifestyle – what with work, meetings, corporate events and trying to juggle sleep and a social life around that, washing, ironing and regular upkeep of your home is at the bottom of your priority list. And who could blame you? But again, you don’t need to struggle on yourself trying to choose between sleep deprivation and a tidy place, accepting help is not admitting defeat.

Give yourself a bit of a break and rely on a trusty cleaning specialist to keep your home ticking over smoothly, without you having to suffer the consequences.