Easy High Definition options for you

These days improving the security around your home couldn’t be easier. With home surveillance now becoming more popular, setting up CCTV and 24 hour surveillance to monitor the perimeter of your home or business is now quicker and easier than ever. You can essentially buy all the equipment you need and install it yourself, with no installation fees or strangers coming to your home or business.

Quick set up


Boosting the security for your business or property need not be a headache thanks to AHD DVR systems; which stands for Analog High Definition Digital Recorders. These nifty boxes can capture High Definition images up to 1080P in live footage. They also come fully 3G and Wi-Fi capable with up to 2 hard drives at 4TB each, you can’t go wrong with one of these.

Fully able to support feeds from four separate cameras with a split screen feature, you don’t need to worry about the safety of your premises ever again. Playback has many options making it easy to find specific times on the footage with Normal, Fast Speed Playback, Manual and Single-frame, so not a single detail will be missed.

Finding the right one for you

If there comes an unfortunate time where you need to know what happened involving your premises, you can rely on an AHD DVR to provide you with the necessary information to get to the bottom of any incidents.

There are many options available to you depending on what your security needs are. These devices come in multiple sizes depending on how many cameras you have or need. However if you’re wanting something quick, easy to set up and with the quality of professional CCTV then a High Definition Analog Digital Video Recorder is for you.