Exclusive Distributors of Laboratory Instruments

Mindex Ltd, exclusive distributors of laboratory equipment for a wide range of leading brands such as Stanhope Seta, Seta Analytics, Ofite, Oxford Instruments, Core Lab, Zeltex and more have really made a name for themselves within the industry since first establishing in 1984. With the primary focus of exporting scientific products and laboratory instruments to Africa, Nigeria the Middle East, the company are representatives of high technology scientific manufacturers in Africa and the UK also.

Stanhope Seta

Holding over thirty years’ experience, they have built themselves up to provide the utmost highest levels of services including customer services and pride themselves on their great reputation. The company offers a range of things that make them stand out including but limited to full installation, onsite training, technical courses and seminars to cover a whole variety of industries including the oil, food and educational industries.

If you would like further information regarding what this company does and to find out how they could assist you, you can visit their website here today: http://mindex-ltd.co.uk. In addition to this if you have any questions that you would  like answering, you can call their highly knowledge and friendly team on 01293 408123.