What Does Your Favourite Lingerie Colour Say About You?

Did you know that in the majority of cases a woman wearing nice, sexy lingerie is far more exciting than a naked lady? This is why it is incredibly important that people consider the lingerie that they wear, and the message in which it sends. When it comes to lingerie, colour is of utmost importance – with colour being incredibly symbolic. If you are unsure what that colour of your favourite lingerie garments says about you, today we aim to assist you:

 sexy lingerie



Black lingerie is incredibly seductive – a timeless colour in which can give off an incredibly seductive and sophisticated vibe. Not only do people feel more confident when wearing black lingerie, due to its ability to make bodies appear slimmer, but it is also the colour of power and authority. One of the most popular lingerie colours, black underwear is said to be worn by many whom love to experiment and that are open-minded in the bedroom.




Red – the colour of love, passion and sexuality. Wearers of red lingerie often love the attention in which it brings them, fully aware of their beauty and power, and in the majority of cases hungry for loving. Red lingerie boasts many biological responses, for example faster breathing and a quickening of the pulse.




The vibes in which white lingerie options provide are spiritual, innocent and pure – with many women often choosing white lingerie on their wedding night. Women who wear white underwear are typically fairly innocent but willing to learn and experiment. People whom wear white lingerie are also typically clean/control freaks, as we all know how hard it can be to keep whites white.




Pink lingerie is very gentle and calming; often working to stimulate feelings of innocent romance, contrasting the lusty emotions which red lingerie promotes.Pink lingerie can often work to put partners at ease, helping them to feel relaxed, but also excited. Although an incredibly feminine colour, mean all over the world are drawn to pink lingerie that brings out the softer side in their partners.




Nude lingerie is seen by many as a more practical solution than sexy, strategically worn by many underneath their clothes to avoid people seeing it. Ladies in which wear nude lingerie typically do not want to be noticed and although in the top three lingerie colours, it is thought that in the majority of instances where this colour lingerie is worn, is underneath clothes and not in the bedroom.