Get kitted out with the right e cig

E Cigarettes are increasingly popular as a method to progressively cut down on and even give up on tobacco cigarettes. Seen in this light, e cigs are part of a harm reduction incentive – satisfying nicotine cravings without the countless chemicals and complications of tobacco cigarettes. The best electronic cigarette for you is one that is safe and satisfying – two factors of definite possibility!

Whether you are beginning with e cigs or already use them, it is ultimately never too late to consider as starter kit! Why? A kit will provide you with everything you may need in terms of options. They often consist of a sleek and easily portable unit with a rechargeable battery and liquid nicotine cartridge.  To get set and go all you need to do is charge the battery and attach the liquid nicotine cartridge to begin your vaping experience.

The advantages of opting for a starter kit

  • Starter kits often involve sleek, contemporary models and appropriately fashionable designs
  • They typically incorporate both a rechargeable battery and a charger, so you can be sure to be supplied with a way to vape. This capacity to charge and  go is so much cheaper than the buying of disposable conventional cigarettes
  • Open to options – some starter kits also incorporate a selection of e liquids. This can be a good way of gauging what favours you will be more inclined to enjoy

Furthermore, whether you opt for a starter kit or not, you can be sure to be savvy when you stick with these top tips:

Some things to consider

  • Keep powered up – it is important to remember that the bigger the battery, the longer it will last. Therefore, don’t necessarily be deterred by a bigger model – as a longer vape-life can be helpful!
  • Don’t be disappointed – there are some important things to keep in mind if you are transitioning from tobacco cigarettes to an e-cig. You may take longer and deeper drags with an e-cig at first as the water vapour is not as dense as tobacco smoke. However, this is sensation which is pleasant in itself and allows you to breathe easy. You don’t need a heavy sensation in your lungs to feel satisfied – just vape and enjoy!