Get the facts right on immigration

Immigration in the UK often proves to be a contentious issue. With many people arguing strong opinions in relation to it, and conversations can become quite heated. Yet amidst the emotion, important facts can be ignored; revealing that many people are reacting to immigration due to assumptions rather than hard reason.

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Understanding the facts of immigration is important, as it allows people to appreciate the process and the potential positives too. Therefore, why not consider thinking over some of the following figures:

Three facts

  • Of the British population as a whole, immigrants make up 13%, according to recent figures from the Office of National Statistics. Yet an Ipsos MORI poll shows the British public tend to over-estimate the number of immigrants composing the population, with respondents indicating that they thought the level was more around the 20% mark.
  • Some media outlets and even politicians have been vocal regarding the number of Polish immigrants entering the country – often because these politicians may involve parties such as UKIP, critical of the EU. In actuality though, most people coming into Britain enter from outside Europe, with the most commonly-arriving nationalities being Indian and Chinese.
  • Approximately two thirds of immigrants moving to the UK for employment have job offers established for when they arrive, therefore pragmatically taking part in the employment process as soon as they get here.

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These are just some factors which highlight that attitudes to immigration need the right information – because making  points based on ‘feelings’ and assumptions can be inaccurate. A prime example of a professional service keeping people informed regarding immigration to the UK is Garth Coates, a prominent group of Immigration Solicitors with a range of services.