Get your growing projects going with hydroponics

The springtime is here! With it, many people turn to their gardens and the prospect of growth. Yet an off-putting feature for many people is that they are faced with the same old prospects every year when it comes to conventional growing. Stubborn seedlings, poor temperatures and too much rain are just some of the factors which can dissuade people away from ‘growing their own’, so to speak.

Green Vegetable hydroponics farm.

Help is at hand


However, there is no need to despair! With hydroponics you can grow a range of crops in a carefully controlled system, with a number of indoor units available. It brings ultra-efficient modern agriculture to YOU!

Hydroponics, in short, is a process of growing plants using a nutrient solution and carefully controlled atmospheric conditions, rather than using soil. This is not only resource-light, but cuts down on mess and infection too.

Advantages to consider

  • Hydroponics systems can be easily assembled and are capable of providing the optimum environment for plant growth
  • The good growing environment created by hydroponics means that boosted yields and bigger flowers are therefore a possibility
  • Rather than having to grow particular crops due to season and climate, through hydroponics you can create conditions so you can grow what you like; including fruit and vegetables
  • Hydroponics is a highly popular method at the forefront of technical development – so it is an exciting area to get involved in
  • Extra nutritional support is also possible in hydroponics, with some particular popular choices being Dutch Pro nutrients and products from