Graham Precey blog-Linie Aquavit

This shoot was in three parts. Location and two sessions at my studio. Here is the second/third parts.

Having returned from Chichester harbour, we chose a selection of the best images of the seawater to show the client.

The owner Steve Barker is an old pal of mine. Good agency and dependable and would highly recommend.

Creative Photography Design London

 We had 5 models in as you can see. This image was one of numerous permutations we used. The client preferred the one we used in the bottle.  I preferred this. The lighting was very simple. A large ‘swimming pool’ top right just out of picture and a couple of diffused lights to the left of the camera. The amber colour was achieved by placing a very rich tobacco gel in front of the lense. The colour was almost identical to the colour of the Linie bottle.

Once we had this shoot out of the way. We shot the bottle on the small deck we had made up. I employed a model makers to make this mainly because we were as ever in a rush. In many ways I wish I had had the time to make it myself. It cost a small fortune for not a lot. But never mind we were as I said in a mad rush to hit the copy deadline.

The elements came together well in the end and the first ad was in the Radio Times here in the UK. We just made the deadline by a hairs breadth.

A personal shot  I had of a sunset was used to add atmosphere and reds were added to the sea to make it authentic. (see behind the bottle)

Creative Photography Design London  I enjoyed this job immensely and it was all done within 2 weeks. Just goes to show what can be achieved when you have to.