The health benefits of organic coconut oil

Coconut oil has been much maligned historically in the Western world but in recent times more and more studies have come to shed light on its benefits.





It’s a product now commonly used by health nuts, from bodybuilders to individuals hoping to shed a few lbs. The problem is that it contains lots of saturated fats, leading to some to mistakenly label it a food to avoid, but the type of fats in coconut oil are nothing like in many other unhealthy foods. In particular, organic extra virgin coconut oil could have some key benefits when used in moderation.

Weight Loss

Coconut oil is known to contain medium-chain triglycerides, or MCTs, which affect our hormones positively and encourage energy expenditure over a 24 hour period. Over the long term, this increase in metabolism could be what you need to shave off a few extra lbs. Equally, it’s also a known appetite suppressant, making you less hungry and less likely to stuff your face on unhealthy foods.

Good Health

Of the fatty acids commonly found in coconut oil, a staggering 50% is 12-carbon Lauric Acid. What does that mean? Well, it means your body will have a much easier time of fighting off harmful pathogens. Viruses, fungi, bacteria – they’re all easier to kill when you consume coconut oil, which means preventing infections could potentially be a lot easier.

Hair and Skin

If you have itchy, dry skin then using coconut oil could help, and the same is true for your hair. Because of the oils antiseptic qualities and the fact it’s a medium-chain fatty acid, skin damage can be avoided easily. Many swear by the oil and say it has done wonders for their appearance, making them look healthier and full of life.
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