How to pick a safe to suit your needs

Increasing numbers of people are choosing to store their physical valuables in a secure solution they can access directly, rather than opting for a bank or similar service. This is especially important if you are looking to keep your cash and valuables at a close proximity – and a good cash safe solution can be a way to do this. When you choose a safe wisely, this means you have the assurance of high-security, a convenient unit, plus your own personal access, all at once.

Things to think about

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However, there are a number of safes on the market, so thinking of appropriate factors regarding your circumstances is crucial. Why not consider the following points when it comes to picking a safe:

Top tips

  • Consider the cash rating – this indicates how burglar-resistant a safe is; generally the higher the rating, the more secure the safe is. It is usually calculated by gauging the strength of the walls and door of the safe. If you are looking to secure very large amounts of cash for example, a higher rating of safe makes appropriate sense. Fortunately there are a number of safe manufacturers who can help you make a quality choice and SMP Security is one example, along with their extensive website:
  • Fire security – a good safe will not only be cash rated, but should have a fire rating too. This shows typically the amount of time the safe can endure flames/fire whilst keeping its contents intact
  • Size matters – if you are choosing a safe with a certain amount of storage capacity in mind, it helps to be a little over-generous in your estimations; as it is always better to have more room for securing any other items than not enough space