Italian Interiors?

With summer approaching, many people begin to consider the longer days as the ideal opportunity to update their homes. After all, not only can keeping up with interior design add value to your home but is a deeply enjoyable experience and rewarding in itself.

Trendy and chic



An increasingly popular trend is to embrace continental designs.

After all, they offer a little of something different, yet with a lot of elegance. Currently a contemporary trend in the UK market is Italian interiors, such as Cattelan Italia furniture and fine detailing. Here are some top tips to consider when adding a little bit of Italy and a lot of love to your home:

  • A trip to Tuscany – Tuscan interior design element involves a rustic, country feel including deep earthen colours as wood bases.
  • Italian designs often allude to renaissance culture – this includes the most beautiful details! Renaissance means ‘rebirth’ and also takes place in the realm of architecture in terms of antique meeting modern – for example, ornate drapes meeting a kitsch chequered print floor.
  • A key to this is to allow for open space, but embellish it with detail; this may include a feature wall or decorated rugs. After all, Italian design is not the same as some of the more ‘minimalist’ Mediterranean style homes. It is about a perfect crafting of colour and combinations of texture.
  • Get in shape – add a little exterior design to your interiors: arches in the home can add a fine effect, as can lightly sloped steps and raised areas.
  • Creating a focal point can be as basic as a fine light fitting, yet allows for the attention to be refocused in a room, which is just what you may want.
  • Fine furniture – Italia furniture is typically popular in the forms of highly supportive structures, such as chairs with high backs and beautifully crafted legs.