Why So Many People Love Living in Canada

The Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) has recently found that Canada performs incredibly well in measures of well-being including housing, income, health and safety – scoring among the world’s best performing countries.

7 benefits of living in Canada:


  1. Income: After taxes each the average household in Canada earns US$28,194 – that is a US$5,000 above the OECD average. Canada in fact ranks seventh in the world on household wealth and ninth in terms of income.
  2. Community: On average people living in Canada spend 2 minutes per day volunteering, which could be considered low as this I actually only half of the OECD average. HOWEVER, while people in Canada may seem to volunteer less than others across the globe 64% of Canadian residents said that within the last month they’ve helped a stranger. In addition to this a mammoth 94% of Canadians have spoken out saying that if they were in need of help they know someone who they could do to.
  3. Housing: Nine out of every ten people living in Canada are satisfied with their housing, with the average house in Canada providing 2.6 rooms per occupant; this is the largest in the world! Almost all homes in Canada have private bathrooms and indoor flushing tilers – This is something that many take for granted, but so vital. The costs for running houses are also relatively low in Canada in comparison to many other locations across the world.
  4. Environment: Ranking 14th in terms of pollution and 12th in terms of water quality – Canada has been ranked higher than average when it comes to both water quality measure and air pollution.
  5. Health: The life expectancy in Canada is on average 81 years of age. In addition to this 88% of Canadians are in good health.
  6. Safety: A mere 1% of Canadians said that they have been assaulted over the past year, which is well below the average which currently stands at 4%. For many this is the best benefit, with many people seeking refuge and looking for safe places to live. The homicide rate in Canada is also well below average.
  7. Work-life Balance: On average people living in Canada work 1,702 hours per year. This is 74 hours below average. Only 4% of Canadians work over 50 hours per week.

Do you live in Canada? What do you think of Canadian living? We would love to hear what Canadian residents think about their country…