Marquee Weddings

If you have decided to get married, first of all we would like to say congratulations! We however, would also like to urge you to take the planning easy and do your best not to get stressed out. This should be one of the most exciting days of your life, not one of the most stressful.

hog roast hire

One thing that you will have to decide is where you would like your wedding to be. Marquee weddings are quickly becoming incredibly popular – you might not have really considered this as an option previously, but marquee weddings are advantageous for so many reasons and you would be crazy to ignore their many benefits which include:

  • When opting to hold your wedding celebrations in a marquee, you aren’t restricted to numbers and therefore you can invite absolutely everyone that you want to invite. Even if your dream venue is indoors but too small to accommodate for your guests many venues will allow you to create extra room using marquees.
  • Similarly this works well for those who want smaller weddings, as they can choose smaller marquees and kit them out to look truly fabulous – and not empty.
  • Marquees are often plain and therefore provide a blank canvas enabling all to create their dream interiors and themes.


When opting for your wedding celebrtions to be in a marquee, you aren’t tied into any wedding packages either. For example, one popular catering choice for these weddings is that of hog roast hire. Hog roast hire is not only incedibly affordable considere to numerous other catering solutions, but it is one of the tastiest too. Hog roasts create a real focal point at any event, and work to leave guests throughly impressed.