Patio Paving Ideas for Your Garden

When people decide that they want to update their garden spaces with a patio, the choices available to them can often be overwhelming – resulting in them either putting it off completely, or even worse, choosing an option that is not the most suitable for them. From stone selection and size, to paving designs, the options really are unlimited, and this is why today, we are going to provide as much information as possible regarding patios and stone paving for all to consider…


Yorkstone Paving

Choosing a patio layout can be a hard task in itself, and this is typically chosen based on the size of the patio and the size of the stones which are going to be used. Some of the most popular layouts include the following:

Stack bond –

This is the simplest of patio designs. It entails stone slabs being laid down directly next to one another, with this process being repeated until the entire patio area is covered. Some people refer to this layout as the ‘chess board’ method, and once you see this layout for yourself, you will know why.

Stretcher bond –

This layout offers a great alternative to the stack bond method. When opting for the stretcher bond layout, paving slabs are staggered so that the joints meet halfway at the slab above. This can be executed both lengthways and diagonally.

Stone Selection –

The stone chosen for a patio really can make a huge impact – ultimately deciding how a patio will look and feel. It is always best practice to choose stones in which fit both with your property and garden, for example yorkstone paving can work greatly for anyone with a barn conversion.

With such as vast range available to select from, it is vital that people consider all of their options before committing to anything, taking time to view sawn paving, porcelain paving, granite paving, limestone paving, sandstone paving, slate paving collections and more.

Top Tip:

Those looking to create warm and rustic patios should choose stone paving slabs that are naturally more yellow in colour.

Finishing Touches

Once you have decided upon your layout and stone, the next thing you must consider is the finishing touches that you are going to boast. Patio finishing touches can include lighting, furniture, cover and more. Again it is advisable to select finishing that go great alongside the design of your home and garden, so that everything flows amazingly and complements each other.