Plans Submitted for Wales First Dedicated Indoor Airsoft Centre


Said to originate from Japan, airsoft has been around as a sport since as far back as the 1980’s and has steadily grown in popularity ever since. There are various well established shooting ranges who host airsoft as part of their activities roster around England the majority of these with outdoor facilities in rural locations.

Up until now, there have been no indoor facilities for airsoft sports in Wales, however plans have been submitted for the first major indoor arena. Should the application be successful, the arena will host a variety of combat and skirmish games at custom-built at facilities on the St Catherine Park industrial estate in Cardiff.

Airsoft is a terrific team sport where players must take out their opponents with targeted shots in skirmish style battles across varying combat scenes and scenarios which are designed to test each player’s strength, speed and agility. Objectives are set for the team to accomplish via military style raids and staged attacks which provide exhausting yet fun entertainment.

Cardiff Council’s planning committee will assess the proposals to make a decision as to whether the development will go ahead. Presently, England provides the most airsoft facilities across a number of ranges.

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