Plants and the Art of Ventilation

You may have the most superior grow lights, the ultimate growing system and leading nutrients. But without the correct ventilation products in place your plants will no doubt be faced with a bleak and dreary future.

Plants in many ways are like humans and just as you wouldn’t want to be cooped up inside a hot and poorly ventilated space, neither do plants! With the right ventilation systems and fans in place, warm and stale air can be extracted and replaced. This helps overcome a plethora of issues including overly high temperatures, scarily unfavourable humidity levels and even bug infestations. Therefore, if you have some growing projects set for 2016, it matters to have the right technology in place to ensure vegetation is given a good source of air you can rely on!

Pro Air Fans

 Pro Air Fans

Units such as Pro Air Fans have been specially designed to keep both temperature and humidity levels reasonable and under control. These fans are incredibly popular due to the superior technology that they contain and their affordable prices. If you are looking to purchase one of these fans, we suggest looking online to ensure you get the very best price. One company that now stock a variety of these fans, at competitive prices, is Hydroponica.


In addition to fans and ventilation systems, Hydroponica stock a whole range of hydroponic equipment so you can choose from a wide selection. From complete growing kits and tents, to lighting and nutrients – all of their ranges are of fine quality and contain important grow-boosting technologies to benefit you. If you would like more information on this company or would like to browse their available selection, you can visit their website today: All orders over £100 receive FREE next day delivery.