Pork still has its advantages – make the most of them!

There has been lots of attention recently over issues associated with meat and the implications for health. Moderation is key when it comes to eating and enjoying a range of foods as part of a balanced lifestyle. Meat itself offers a range of nutrients and when cooked and eaten sensibly, can bring a number of health benefits which shouldn’t be ignored.

Of particular focus is pork – as a meat which offers high amounts of protein whilst being affordable for many people. When you realise the benefits, it might encourage you to make the most of it!

Why pork can be positive for your health

  • Better your brain – pork meat is high in the element thiamine. It acts effectively as part of ensuring healthy brain function!
  • Salt watch – when you opt for good cuts of pork, they can be a lot lower in salt than other similarly-priced meats. This means you can cut down on sodium as well as appreciate the taste.
  • Pack that protein – the rich protein levels of pork, especially with the lean cuts, means it is ideal for those wanting to build muscle.
  • A great source of iron – One hundred grams of pork can give you enough iron to satisfy up to 70% of your daily needs!
  • Unlock the power of zinc – pork is also a natural source of zinc, a beneficial element which is easily absorbed by the body in this form.

Bringing the best to you

Quality caterers therefore are celebrating the benefits of pork – and bring it to you in the best ways. This means healthy, sustainably-sourced meat cooked in ways which will enhance nutritional value as well as taste. A provider excelling in this is Hog Roast Burnley who offer premium hog roast hire in Burnley and surrounding areas. For more information you can visit their website today at – www.hogroastburnley.com