Protecting Your Products with Shrink Wrapping

As a buyer:

Shrink wrapping may be something you’ve never given much thought to. When you get a new DVD or Xbox game, you might give a second or two’s thought to how annoying it is to try and claw through when you’re excited to watch that new film or start beating your friends at the latest game you’ve had on pre-order for the past 4 weeks. If you think about it though, how much more annoyed would you be if you had waited all that time and paid good money only to find that the box was scratched, or even worse, the disk was damaged or covered in little sticky fingerprints. Starts to make more sense then, doesn’t it?

Shrink Wrapping Machine

But shrink wrapping doesn’t just stop there.

The shrink-wrap elves help to protect your beloved can of fizzy pop from being coated in dust and dirt in transit or in storage, it packages your favourite cheeses and keeps your fruit and veg fresh, clean, and protected on the shelves before it makes its way into your pan.

A little known fact is that certain shrink wrap companies these days can even re-back your over-read, falling apart favourite childhood book! They can either wrap it to preserve the original cover or put on a variety of other covers, from hardback or paperback, to vinyl or acetate for something more long-lasting.

As a seller:

From a production point of view, shrink-wrapping is often more efficient than other forms of packaging, as it uses less material than cardboard, for example, which in turn makes storage and transportation space smaller, meaning more can be fit into storage and into transit at a time; it protects against products being tampered with and, because it is transparent, it helps with aesthetics and creating brand awareness! On top of all of this, shrink wrap machinery often take up less foot space than other packaging equipment does.