Room hire advice

Whether you are a business wanting public or private meeting – getting people together in one space can be incredibly rewarding. After all, the best corporate events are often composed of physical meetings – and definitely can have the personal element over online communication.

Venue: Marriott London, Grosvenor Square, Grosvenor Square, London, W1K 6JP Date: Friday, 11 June, 2010 Event time: 12-2.45pm Photographer: Mark Moody (07956 281 428) Property Lunch Time: 11.30am-2.45pm Contact: Daniel Lyons, PR Manager (07845 729 805)/ Anna Littner, PR Officer (07932 740 967) Brief and background: The annual Norwood Property Lunch is one of our largest fundraising events. It attracts around 500 professionals from some of the biggest companies operating in property and related industries. The event is being sponsored by Amlin, Derwent London, Savills and Earlcrown. Each year, the Property Lunch features the Norwood Property Awards, which recognises achievement within the industry. The guest speaker this year will journalist and TV presenter Piers Morgan and Norwood President Richard Desmond.

Whatever your reason for hiring a venue – you ultimately deserve an efficient experience and space which suits you. When you are considering room hire in Bath, London and other desirable southern cities such as Oxford – the competition and costs can be high. However, with our top tips you can come closer to getting the space you strive for at the best rate.

Sorting that space

  • Book early – as soon as you know the date you would like to schedule for, it is best to start making enquires. Requesting in advance may significantly save you money, especially if your gathering is themed around a popular event – such as the football or a holiday period – as prices will accelerate approaching these times;
  • Negotiate – the best venues may allow little extras to be thrown in or offer you extensive services which really makes your choice worthwhile. The best venues may offer kitchen facilities, for example;
  • Know your resources – it is always essential to be briefed on what resources your venue does and does not provide. For example, know the extent of the furniture so you know all guests are accounted for. If it is a business meeting you are planning – does the venue supply equipment like pens and paper – or do you bring your own? These are questions the best venues will be able to answer upfront;
  • Time check – when you are making the booking, make sure you aware of how long you will have the room for, keeping aware of set-up times and wanting to clean things away.