Save money and more with your boiler choice

As we move forward into 2015, a key concern of many is saving money – whether it is for a summer holiday or to spend on the house. In turn, most people are keen to cut down on their bills and an ideal but perhaps unexpected place to start is with your boiler. A boiler can actually account for about 55% of all that is spent annually on a household energy bills.

Therefore, the costs which come from a boiler ultimately imply that the more efficient it is, the more money you can save – and thus can be conservable.  Boiler replacement London services can be expensive, but if you contact the right provider, the price will be accessible and ultimately be an investment to save you so much money in the long-term.

Does my boiler need replacing?

There are a few factors to consider in replacing a boiler. If your current boiler is inefficient or is having to be regularly serviced and costing you even more money, this is a key sign that replacement is the prime option. Furthermore, if you have an old boiler – perhaps already present in the property before you moved in – you can be assured that there are many models available which will ultimately save you money in the long term. The main advantage of a modern boiler is that there are typically condensing models, so they burn fuel very efficiently as well as having a larger heat chamber to recover more heat from the overall process. There is a lot less waste when you opt for a new boiler.

Other areas to be aware of when opting for a new boiler

  • You can go with gas – if you have mains gas, then the cheapest heating type will typically be a gas boiler
  • Types of choice – older boilers will tend to use a separate  hot water cylinder, whilst modern boiler models include combi-boilers  which just use one cylinder and can be more efficient overall
  • Save space – potentially gone are the days of boilers being bulky intrusions in the home. You may well be surprised by the space-saving designs of models available
  • Hot water – if you are large family with high hot water usage, a regular boiler may be better, whilst if you use lower amounts of hot water, a combi boiler can be an all-in-one solution