Shrink Wrapping Unwrapped

It is evident that a key innovation in popular packaging technologies is shrink wrap. Lightweight, versatile and highly durable, it can be used for a number of products.

There have been arguments raised that plastic packaging is not sustainable and generates waste. However, with shrink wrap, these issues can begin to be solved. Not only does the highly tight fit of shrink wrap reduce wastage, but it extends the shelf life of spoilable products – and, ultimately, if you are a business and acquire your own shrink wrap machinery, you can produce and package all on one site!

Extend the packaging benefits

If you want a packaging solution for a range of products, acquiring a shrink wrap machine for your own use is ideal. This also reduces costs and saves time, as the days of having to send products away for sealing are long gone.

Acquiring a shrink wrap machine is much easier than you may think – with the procedure of using the equipment straightforward and efficient.  There are also a number of different machine types which ultimately extend the versatility of the packaging and the variation of products it can be applied to.

Different types of machines

  • L- Bar sealers – one of the ultimate options and can be used with a variety of types of shrink film. In short, an L bar sealer has three sealing bars which creates a tight and lasting seal. They are ideal for low and medium outputs.
  • Sleeve sealing machines – allow you to make the necessary specifications, such as how tight you want to the wrap and the appropriate thickness before a button is pressed and the machine can take over automatically. This hands-free method of shrink wrapping can potentially allow a chain of goods to be effectively wrapped, saving you time, and effort.
  • There are many more available when you contact the top providers!

For more information on how you can boost your business autonomy and profitability in packaging with a shrink wrapping solution, contact the industry leaders, Sontex.