Stay on top of the Festive Rush with SEO

Christmas may be over a month away, but for retailers, the festive season is now.


Retailers will experience their busiest period of sales in November and December, as people in their droves prowl the net for ideal gifts and Black Friday deals for their friends and family. But without proper SEO in place, many companies will be in for a shock when potential customers aren’t visiting their site, a site lost in the furthest depths of Google.

The Christmas Rush

To realise the potential of online Christmas shopping, it’s worth looking at the success top online retailer Amazon sees each year around the festive season. Last year, the company had a delivery van leaving one of their eight warehouses every minute, due to the constant barrage of purchases being made by eager shoppers.

On the run up to Christmas, one in five non-food items were purchased online, a figure that articulates just how important it is for a business to have a strong online presence. But this presence is hard to obtain without the know-how and years of experience. Even large businesses such as H & M have had search engine troubles, as the company saw their summer bikini sales drop due to a poor presence on Google when users searched for bikinis.

How SEO Helps

Search engine optimisation is the key to climbing the Google ranks, and it requires a number of organic methods to help achieve this. An internet marketing consultant is the best way to help raise the ranks of a site, and with a skilled team on board to focus on rankings, it leaves the business to carry on focusing on their core objectives, without any additional concerns. A combination of search engine optimisation, social media presence, pay per click advertising and a well-designed website will help bring a company to the front pages of Google, Yahoo and Bing.

Ranking Solutions is one such company that specialises in SEO, using a combination of pay per click campaigns, content, web design and social media to raise a sites rankings on Google. Glowing testimonials on the site show their methods are proven and successful, and while Christmas shopping is in full swing now, it isn’t too late to see a boost to finish up the year, and to be ready when Christmas rolls round next year.