Stop making these mistakes with pork!

So many people love the smell and taste of bacon, put ham on their sandwiches and enjoy sausages. Yet making the most of great pork is not limited to these options. Quality joints of meat from the pig often go under-appreciated, because people just go for pork in its processed form and think of little otherwise. On the other hand, people buy a joint of pork but then spoil it; something many of us have been guilty of at some stage.

When you are cooking a joint of pork, you need to give the meat a steady and dedicated cooking time it deserves. After all, you want finely cooked as well textured pork – sure to impress all who eat!

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Errors made when cooking with pork

  • Temperatures too high – a joint of pork is best cooked at a lower temperature for a long period of time. Unfortunately, many people make the mistake of putting the joint into a very high temperature oven, thinking it will make extra-crispy crackling. In fact, this burns the skin (so no crackling) and does not cook the white meat underneath. Avoid this!
  • A lack of seasoning – pork has a lovely light flavour which can be enhanced through appropriate seasonings. Even just a bit of salt, pepper and a spray of lemon before cooking can make a transformative difference. However, for those who prefer bigger flavours, there are plenty of rubs and spice blends around which can take your meat to the next level.
  • Keeping it dry – pork is best served with a bit of moisture; so ideal accompaniments are things like apple sauce and gravy. Do not shy away from these!

Mistake-free and magnificent meat

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