The Benefits of Playing Football for Children

It is no secret that over the year’s football has received its fair share of negative publicity, and this is why we are here today, to enable all to forget the lies and realise that football is in fact an incredibly beneficial sport, especially for children to participate in.

Some people, especially parents, are under the impression that football is a dangerous sport, and this stops them from allowing their children to participate in football tours and events. However, contrary to what these people may believe, football is most definitely  one of the most important and rewarding sports that kids can get involved in.

Today we are going to be providing just some of the benefits of football for children, with the intention of allowing more parents to see the sports advantages and in turn sign their children up to local football teams.

Benefits of Football for Kids


Health: Football, like many other sports is able to provide children and people of all ages with a multitude of health benefits. Football is a physically demanding game in which provides children with a place to increase their speed, agility, strength, stamina, hand-eye coordination and overall cardiovascular endurance. With a growing number of obese children in the UK and around the world, this alone could possible be enough for you to allow your child to play footy.

Friendships: Football can provide children with a place to make great and everlasting friendships. With multiple players working towards one goal, teammates are required to work together and while doing so can create amazing, undeniable bonds with one another. It is said that those that play football together stay friends for much longer than those who play alternative sports.

Discipline: Football can teach children discipline. When playing football children must have a keen attention to detail and be disciplined at all times. These discipline traits can then be transferred to other aspects of children’s lives, which is of course a bonus in itself.

Mental Toughness: in addition to toughening kids up physically, football also hold the ability to toughen them up mentally.  To play and succeed in football people are required to have strong minds, which is important as this is something in which people need for multiple reasons later on in life and in adulthood.

These are only some of the benefits of football too; there are many other reasons why you should allow for your children to play football, and if these tips have not been enough to persuade you then we advise that you contact your local football team whom will no doubt be able to provide you with many more benefits to consider.