The Many Types of Hoses Available In the World

When many think of hoses, the first thing that comes to mind are water hoses, used for gardens over summer, or to wash the car. But hoses are available in many types, suitable for a wide variety of jobs. And it can be hard to maintain and replace these hoses if a person or company isn’t aware of where to look.


The Types of Hoses

Hoses are used widely in a number of industries, from gardening to marine work, they are available in a vast variety of styles and offer a huge range of functions. A rubber fuel pipe for marine hoses has completely different functionality than the bog-standard water hose, and it’s one of the most effective methods for allowing fluids to travel.

It isn’t just fluids that can be transported via a hose though, food can also travel through pipes and is great for production of food and drink, so virtually everything we need comes via a hose! Food for production, water for gardening, fuel for keeping a car powered up, without the many types of hoses available the world would be at a standstill, or using far less practical methods to get jobs done.

For companies looking to integrate a new hose into their business, for those looking for replacement parts, The Hosemaster is the company to see, offering hoses in all types and sizes.


The Hosemaster

The Hosemaster is a leading UK supplier of hoses, hose parts, pneumatics and hydraulics, offering a wide range of products and services at competitive prices. Hoses are available for water, fuel, radiators, steam, gas, food, and acid to name just a few, and all the parts are available separately for those who need to make a simple replacement without having to shell out for a new hose entirely.