Think outdoor recreation is just for kids? Think again!

Typically we associate ‘outdoor activity trips’ as a school event, used to promote an interest in nature and exercise. These trips are often fondly-looked back on by people when they reach their adulthood. What it’s important to realise is this – they don’t have to be a thing of the past! The positive values promoted by outdoor recreation – teamwork, bravery and adventure – are just as important to the adult world and shouldn’t be seen as childhood exclusives! This is being increasingly realised and people from all walks of life are opting to take up outdoor activities even as they get older.

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Outdoor recreation promotes positive interaction, both with nature and with yourself. In busy indoor environments like shops and offices, it can be easy to forget about our sense of self, and instead focus on a working ‘routine’ or ‘agenda’. Therefore, to get involved in an outdoor sport or activity weekend can actually help you to take that step away from the pressures of modern life.  Why not consider getting involved with some of the following:

  • Canoeing – this is the classical school-trip event, and can be just as much fun when you are an adult. It also involves working co-operatively with others in the boat, so can actually make an ideal team-building task.
  • Abseiling – a great way to get a different perspective on the world and to set yourself a challenge!
  • Pistol shooting – when a target range or board is set up, this can be the ultimate test of skill and aim. It’s highly rewarding, as you can feel yourself improving!

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