Tips for getting your artwork noticed!

Are you a budding artist? Do you want your artwork to become more known within the digital age? Look no further as we explain three of the top most useful tips to get you started on a lifetime of creativity and pure passion!

1) Online artist sites.




With the technology era at its highest peak, we highly recommend that you start with an online portfolio. There are many free and useful sites to not only connect you with fellow artists but to showcase your artwork and automatically build a following. Sites such as Deviant Art, Tumblr and Word Press are all free, reliable and super easy to use. They are basically artist’s social media sites with the ability to comment, share artwork and are completely free; with the option to pay for benefits such as advertisements, the ability to sell and make prints and to increase the sizes of your portfolio.

2) Local art shows.

Although we are technologically advanced, some artists prefer to keep their work off the internet or just simply choose the chance to display and meet other artists in person.  Getting your work in a gallery can really boost not only your reputation but your confidence as you are able to communicate with others on a personal basis. Fear not… there are galleries and local art shows who will happily show you work for free and may even allow your artwork to be sold, usually they take only a small percentage of your earnings. 

3) Social Media.

Social Media

No, Really! Social media is on it’s all time high, and with sites like Instagram, Facebook and even Twitter you have hundreds of choices to display and amaze! With Facebook, you are able to create a business page or simply a blog in which you can display your artwork and easily get it out for the whole world to see. Unlike most online artist sites, you are able to connect with people both online and offline and have the ability to really customise what you, your friends and your audience see’s! They also enable increased use and advancement in the use of keywords search and advertisement options, it’s impossible to go wrong.



Whichever method you go for, or even if you do all of them, this is a sure fire way to get kick started! Don’t wait about, go get your work out there!